Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 22nd "Summer of Love-In" @ The Garden of Earthly Delights

The Garden of Earthly Delights

Thursday July 22nd 9pm-2am
Brillobox 4104 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh, PA

...celebrating themes of Love, Sex, Raunch & Romance!
A summer festival Decom party & Burning Man precom party
(10% of proceeds will go to Burners without Borders)

w/ Deejays:

Michael Nighttime (Philly, Party Liberation Front, etc...)
James Gyre
Mr. Dug
Dr. Zayaz
& Brotha Mike

and Masters of Ceremonies, Sneaky Mike & Crystal Tzara (of the typewriter girls)!

Prizes for best outfit Man/Woman/Wild-card...
Anniversary Dance - prize for longest/shortest time together...
Beds on the stage... attempting record for most wasted cuddle-puddle.
Sexually themed drink specials: Slippery nipple, Sex-on-the-beach, Slow comfortable screw against the wall, etc...

The music will be all over the map. old-school funk love epics, rare groove sleaze, NOLA bounce, booty bass and other sex raps,
, trip hop and other sexual chillout beats, romantic house, 80s bubble-gum pop and sure, maybe a couple orgasmic dubsteppers. We're gonna try to address the whole gamut of music about love & sex, from the sacred to the profane.

If you remember how fun my birthday party was in November, consider this party the sequel. guaranteed good times... and thank god Brillo reinforced the floor... this will be a hot and sweaty dance. (also, as usual with the burner parties, keep your eyes peeled for after party invites... if all else fails, ask the sexiest person near you where to go...)


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