Tuesday, October 6, 2009

November 13th (Friday the 13th!) - The Party Liberation Front!

this will be a really fun Earthly Delights.
It's close to my birthday, so i've brought in some of my favorite musicians to play for us...


the party liberation front, for those of you that don't go to burning man or a lot of regional burns, are one of the finest crews of festival music out there. they bring infinite good vibes, good tracks and are some of my favorite people. For this event we'll have Mr. Jennings and The Reinhold of PLF up from richmond to bless the speakers. Mr. Dug (of Pgh) is going to start out the night with me playing some non-bass musics for us to get our breath before the bass. Mr. Jennings and I share a love for twerked-out bass madness, so we'll be tag-teaming for much of the dance... The Reinhold plays a bouncy and crowd-pleasing set of minimal techno/electro and he'll be closing the night for us.

these people are gems. i love waking up in the morning at their camp and playing tabla music for breakfast while the hula hoops spin and people clean up from the late-night partiers. the vegan chili gets busted out and people of all stripes take their turns on the stripper pole. as the day goes on the bass gets iller and people start spinning shit while it's lit on fire. the sounds pump out of their covered-wagon soundsystem all night, with a real diverse and talented line-up of deejays. I've never done a festival with PLF where the party didn't gravitate, night after night, to our part of the woods. which makes me so happy to share their vibe with all of you (god i feel like such a raver right now!)

come to this party people... give them a warm, pittsburgh welcome!

a secret after-party will be held where things will, indeed, be lit. on. fire. talk to me in private if you think you're into that.

(the garden of) Earthly Delights
w/ James Gyre & the P.L.F.
Friday, November 13th
4104 Penn Ave.


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